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Diamonds with Confidence


Josef Ryan Diamonds is a certified loose diamond wholesaler, importer, exporter and manufacturer.
Josef Ryan Diamonds exclusively sources its diamonds and raw products from around the world. 

At Josef Ryan Diamonds, we only choose the best of the best diamonds. We scrutinize each diamond for cut symmetry, proportions, total brilliance, color, clarity, table size and other intangibles that distinguish a superior diamond. We specialize in large stones and custom jewelry designs and also provide insurance claims services. 

From Wholesale to Direct-to-Consumer

We have been serving the diamond industry since 1974.  We are known for our high-quality diamonds and uncompromising customer service.
Ordering a diamond from Josef Ryan Diamonds means having peace of mind during the entire process because our certified stones never lose their quality, and we go to every effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases.
At Josef Ryan, we strive to make sure our customers have a wonderful diamond purchasing experience. We work closely with our customers to understand their visions and budgets. Whether you noticed a piece on a celebrity's finger or have your own design in mind, we are here to make your jewellery dreams a reality.​

Our Products and Services


Diamond Set Jewellery


Loose Stones


Custom Engagement Rings


Investment Consultants


Wedding Rings


Anniversary Diamond Jewelry 

Jewelry Appraisal
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